Creating Opportunities for All Families to Thrive.

LifePark Center is a vital collaboration that will build and operate a wellness, health, and education center, transforming the lives of all people of East Williamson County for generations to come.  LifePark Center will be designed as a community enrichment center with a food pantry, café, indoor and outdoor recreational facilities, walking trails, ESL classes, afterschool program, health clinic, job training, mentoring and internships, community meeting rooms and more, for people of all ages. The Center will offer free or low-cost training in the medical field and trades (plumbing, electrical and HVAC)—higher-paying, in-demand jobs. All this and more in one location with easy access from all of East Williamson County. This “one-stop-shop” preserves valuable time for families and connects them directly to a person who knows community resources.

More than a place, we’re people united and committed to sharing resources, building relationships to help others, and looking beyond the interests of our respective organizations to make a collective difference in the community. We are “locally-grown” with founding nonprofits that are long-established in East Williamson County.