How was the location chosen?

It is centrally located within East Williamson County. Taylor is a growing hub; as people decide to move farther East, Taylor is the community that people are coming to for resources.  The land for LifePark Center was given for use at no cost. Additionally, it is close to a school and is accessible by local transportation services.


What is the value of the project?

$9 million for construction of the building.


What is the square footage of the building?

45,000 sq. ft.


How many levels will the building have?

This is a one-story building.


Will the building belong to Christ Fellowship Church?

No. Our bylaws stipulate that the building belongs to LifePark Center and is not church property.


How is LifePark Center governed?

LifePark Center is governed by a Board of Trustees, delegating daily operations to the Center Director.